Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of shop-built cabinets vs. job-built cabinets?

Save Time - Shop-built cabinets can be ready to install once drywall is completed. This can take 3-5 weeks off your contruction timeline. Save Money - The exact same cabinet will typically cost less if it is shop-built rather than job-built. Better Construction - Shop-built cabinets are better constructed in a factory setting where the right type of equipment is available for the specific type of cabinets. Less Mess & Waste - Shop-built cabinets avoid unnecessary material waste and produces less waste.

What software do you use?

We use the cabinet industry's leading software, Cabinet Vision.

What types of materials are used?

Cabinets are all wood, constructed of furniture grade 3/4" plywood cases and stock faces. We only use the best quality materials available including domestic birch, poplar, and maple wood.

What is the difference between Face Frame and Frameless Euro Style cabinets?

Face Frame cabinets have a frame around the front part of the cabinet box. If you were to roll a marble from the back of the cabinet to the front, the frame would create a guard so the marble would not roll out of the front. Frameless Euro Style cabinets have nothing on the front to hide the cabinet box. Taking the same marble referrence from above, the marble would not have a frame to stop it from rolling off the edge of the front of the cabinet.

What is the difference between Full Overlay, Partial Overlay, and Inset cabinets?

Overlay referrers to the amount of space on the front of the cabinet that is covered by the door. A Full Overlay would have a door that covers from the outer edge of the left side of the cabinet box to the outer edge of the right side of the cabinet box. A Partial Overlay would have the door cover only a part of the front cabinet box, though equal on each side. In Inset cabinet has the door flush with the front cabinet opening.